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Lord Naka Laurent

Obsessions are fantastic for spurring you on. Also for grinding you to a halt.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Relative Wastrel
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar?
Height: Middling
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Fair

Description: Naka is lean and pleasantly, as opposed to strikingly, handsome. He possesses an easy demeanor and an engaging, if tentative, grin. His personal style in fashion and grooming tends to the haphazard rather than the precise, with layered clothing of varied styles and fabrics setting off his dark, slightly and studiously unkempt hair and everpresent stubble.

Personality: Naka doesn't completely lack drive and focus; it just seems that way, set against the backdrop of centuries of House Laurent industry. While he does not want for energy, he certainly is not notably organized in thought or action. He is mild, earnest and pleasant, though, and possessed of a quiet wit that often turns towards the self-deprecating. He tends to play to his weaknesses instead of hiding them, without posturing or self-loathing. One of those weaknesses seems to be the sheer difficulty he presents to others in discovering whether he's ultimately more of a flippant goofball or a sage wise beyond his years, as he frequently displays traits of either, if not outright flopping back and forth between the two. Overall, he's a hopeful, curious fellow, comfortable with his own thoughts, who tries to choose whether to share or subdue those thoughts based on his perception of the wishes of those surrounding him at the time.

Background: Born to a cadet branch of the ruling House of the Duchy of Laurent, Naka was simply never a child of destiny, a heroic figure in modern times with potential blazing forth for all to see. Of course, there's nothing particularly wrong in that for most people, and plodding along is a serviceable way to cover some ground. Bright but not brilliant, genial but not inspiring, and largely undistinguished physically as well, Naka sampled from life as from a buffet, without ever really finding a niche to excel in. He did develop a wide-ranging education, however, which could be an asset of its own in some circumstances. Of all his family, he was the one most likely to be unnoticed, left to his own devices, for which he was typically grateful rather than resentful.

Naka arrived in Arx from Laurent lands in the wake of the Siege and set about conducting some solitary research projects which did not immediately seem to gain significant traction. Though he can still often be found in complete solitude in various locales throughout the city, he has opened himself more to the practice of sharing, whether in sharing information or 'mere' conversation. He has learned to enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the presence of most other humans as much as that of a serene natural location or library. He could not honestly claim, however, as of this time, to actually enjoy it more.

Name Summary
Brigida A straightforward, plain speaking Laurent. The definition of a Valardin.
Christine It's always nice to have students who know how to listen!
Cristoph My cousin and myself don't often have the luxury to sit down and enjoy each others company as our duties keep us both very busy. However he's a well learned man and a good ally, I appreciate the work that he's done for our family.
Cybele Lord Naka Laurent is an Oathlander Bee Noble Man. He is pleasant and eager to learn, which is always nice.
Delilah Schoary and mindful. House Laurent has a reputation, at least as I know of, for reasoned regard, and contemplating matters. Clearly he possesses a scholarly disposition, and on that front, I imagine we may have an opportunity to work together in future days. I hope so. The way he articulates himself is mindful and measured, two qualities that ever go well together.
Derovai A clever fellow and an academic, however informally. He likes to talk philosophy, but he does it in a pretty circuitous fashion, with an ear for language. Probably better with books than directness, but I guess that happens when you have all that free time without the mantle of responsibility.
Echo Good company. It's just worrying that he might be researching something a bit dangerous, and I hope he doesn't bite off more than he can chew. Still, speaking with a Senior Scholar on it is definitely the right choice
Emily I can tell he's clever and quick but its the fact he has some great interest in the knowledge of the land and its true doings that intrigues me. I think he will not only make a wonderful ally in research but companionable in the task. I think we could become fast friends, though only time will tell.
Jyri A well told story about not giving up and to focus. It spoke to me.
Margerie Ahh, one of my Laurent acorns. Someday he will find his niche and take the world by storm. But he's wearing his interest in academics well. I do hope he's keeping up on his sleep, though!
Norwood I have served the Laurents for almost fully half of this Laurent's life, and I can never quite get a handle on him. He's been of UTMOST help with this Durand thing. And poor Gardener Dave. Alas, I suppose some people are not meant to be understood.
Sparte A wonderful lover of stories and an excellent listener. I am happy to have finally met him in person, and hope he'll change the world one day.
Vercyn The cousin of Duke Cristoph is not your typical scholar; I do believe he is the first scholar I have met who admits that the written word isn't always sacred. Open minds are precisely what the scholars need.