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Jyri Tersk

Heal the wounded, collect the dead and continue fighting!

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Prodigal Kennelmaster
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Tersk
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Rust Brown
Eye Color: Vibrant Green
Skintone: Bronzed

Description: Jyri is considered a handsome man by most standards. His thick rust brown hair is trimmed at the sides while the top is long and braided and then set into a knot at the back of his head. The side of his head has tattoos that curl along the ear and down towards the neck. One green intense eye framed by thin white lines from squints and age, is a stark contrast on that tanned face - the other is covered with an eye-patch. His face is strong and defined, his features chiseled and angular as though carved from bronze and more often than not there's dark stubble as if shaving is optional. Lean and muscular, it is clear he is a warrior of some skill. Numerous other rusty red tattoos trail down and around his biceps in clearly tribal patterns, alongside a multitude of scars, denoting his prodigal origin to everyone who beholds him.

Personality:     Once a hotheaded warrior of the Black Elk tribe, Jyri is a man who prefers to act rather than talk. When he does opt to speak, it is often in a laconic manner which may catch more sensitive souls off-guard. He does not radiate concern and altruism and does not suffer fools easily. That said, his integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication to duty is undeniable even to those who disdain him for being a racial other. He insists on taking responsibility for his actions, and takes pride in the work he does - when working towards a goal, Jyri holds back none of his time and energy completing each relevant task with accuracy and patience.

Background:     Jyri was a young son of the Black Elk tribe, born into a family of warriors. His parents fought, his brothers and sisters fought, and he too was meant to fight. The quality of the horses the tribe bred quickly led to their soldiers dominating the battlefield, making ample use of their array of weaponry, which consisted of javelins, a sword, and bow and arrows. They clashed frequently with rival tribes who resided around the Gray Creek, but their martial might paired with speed and mobility on the battlefield crushed their enemies with ruthless abandon. With his skill with the spear and his rapport with his steed and wolf, Jyri quickly became a famous personality on the battlefield, acquiring the byname the "Red Wolf" by enemy tribes.

    Then Tolamar Brand arrived. The Black Elk tribe fought valiantly, but they stood no chance against the metaphysical powers of their new foe, and after suffering tremendous losses they were forced to flee their land. Jyri and his infant son survived, while his siblings and young wife did not.

    Ashamed for falling, but knowing he was the only one his son had left, Jyri led himself and the other survivors to Arx where they sought shelter at the refugee camp. There he met the Lord Commander of the Iron Guard, and accepted the position of the Iron Guard kennelmaster for the silver and the opportunity to fight against Brand once again. He intends to put his life back together, one piece at a time.

Relationship Summary

  • Magpie - We're friends but supposedly enemies. Complicated?

  • Family:
  • Raavas - My son. My life.

  • Patron:
  • Sparte - My patron and a trusted leader in the Iron Guard

  • Acquaintance:
  • Sable - Reliable and solid.
  • Thena - The kind you get drunk with without talking.

  • Ally:
  • Silas - If he tells me to walk into a fire, I will.
  • Perronne - Maybe some of that smart will rub off on me.
  • Kenna - Smart and forward, and a damn good Guard. Glad to have her working with me.

  • Northlands:
  • Volcica - I admire her focus and ways with spirits.

  • Friend:
  • Harper - A trusted friend. Stands up for herself and her loved ones - she has my respect and loyalty.
  • Elora - We've become friends in short time. I treasure it.
  • Petal - Young but strong - protects what is hers.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Barks commands at his dogs like he were a dog himself. I don't like him.
    Auda A source of stability, oddly enough. His child is adorable, and so is the hound.
    Calandra A very polite Iron Guardsman with the most remarkable tattooing. I'd like to find out more.
    Clover Kennelmaster of the Iron Guard is an interesting man. He seems stalwart and like he knows his things. A bit on the bashful side in his interactions with Lady Elora, and he clearly looks up to Baron Whitehawk!
    Coraline An officer who seems intent on thinking in only one way. A good trainer for hounds though, I could see the skill immediately. Hopefully we may get on a better foot in future meetings.
    Delilah Jyri's mettle became apparent the moment trouble erupted in the marketplace. Without hesitation, he put himself in the way of danger to keep civilians safe. He moved into the thick of the throng to help children and adults alike, and he tried to preserve even the hungry dogs from coming to harm. A compassionate soul.
    Domonico Brave and smart. Quick to find an alternative solution to a violent situation.
    Elora Stubborn. Gruff. Not entirely as I was expecting. But he cares about the dogs and I can respect that.
    Faruq Good with animals. Less violent approaches are often the best approach.
    Fecundo Met over tea at Ignoble Steep. Courteous and a damned big sword. Easy speaking with the man. Probably has some interesting stories. Someone to look up again.
    Gianna A guardsman and storyteller. He was a quick enough study and actually seemed to appreciate bluntness. I wouldn't mind hearing more of his stories.
    Harper Jyri's one of the few folks that I've ever come close to losing my temper with. Not because he frustrates me, but because I think he knows me too well and knows just where to hit me to make his point. Maybe that's why he's earned my respect... and my friendship.
    Jasher An Iron Guardsman and a Prodigal, assigned to look over the Lodge. Perhaps time will tell me more about this man.
    Josephine Very good at saving old ladies in markets from starving dogs. Impressive.
    Kenna A solid Guardsman - I love the connection Jyri has between himself and the dogs he commands. Someday I hope he can teach Princess Muffin more manners because she gets super silly sometimes. He handled that body with such professionalism too!
    Leola A loyal member of the Iron Guard, and not one who rises to provocation or makes quick judgements. I think I could like him, given time.
    Lucita Someone who cares deeply for his dogs and his son. He is easy to talk to, understands animals, and speaks kindly of my late husband, One of the Iron Guard. So far, I like him.
    Merek A Guard which knows his abilities, and seeks to protect others. He might not have followed my orders, but I'm glad he didn't, as he was better suited with another task that protected people.
    Mikani It was a brief encounter. But the Kennelmaster seemed nice. He said hello."
    Miranda Excellent idea! Way to use your noggin'! He distracted dogs by throwing meat at them to help protect people. Way to go!
    Monique He seems like a good man, given over to the simpler things in life and thoughtful about his progeny. Of course, that's only on first meeting... still waters often run deep.
    Naka A lover of animals and a teller of fine tales featuring the same.
    Niklas The man likes his rat on a stick. Have to respect that.
    Perronne Prodigal and Iron Guardsman! Laconic, but he seems nice! Sorta shavy, but in a nice way! And he likes traps maybe a little TOO much.
    Petal Very helpful and from Shave orgins too. I am glad he is around the lodge right now.
    Reese Good with horses, devoted to catching thieves, seems like a good all around guy."
    Sabella Anyone who agrees with me on good things is surely a great person who I should become friends with! I hope that he stays safe during the coming conflict.
    Sable I didn't expect to see someone with that many tribal tattoos in a city guard's armor. I wonder what the story there is.
    Silas A prodigal warrior Silas recruited into the Iron Guard after he was displaced by Tolamar Brand. He could tell that city life has been bewildering for him, but he has adapted remarkably well. It will only get stranger from now on, but Silas will never doubt Jyri's candor or ability.
    Sparte A master with managing animals, easily the best such hand in all of the Iron Guard. I feel a bit odd out ranking someone and commanding the calvary when I know he knows so much more than I do about the care and tending of horses, but I'll just have to make use of the wisdom for the betterment of our troops on two legs and four.
    Theodoric A storytelling Guardsman, I bet I could offer him a tale or two.
    Thesarin Seems a man who knows his business. Another of the Abandoned driven out the woods; seems he's done well finding a place here.
    Verity He might look fierce, and many may judge him poorly just for obviously being a Prodigal, but Master Jyri proved quite pleasant. I was nothing more than a stranger interrupting his "aromantic" outing with a beautiful woman, and still he was good company.
    Volcica A guardsman, it looks like. He seems helpful, reliable.
    Zoey Solid head on his shoulders at first glance. Knows Michael and Ainsley, of course.