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Warrick Morgan

Life, like baking, requires exact measurements and applied patience.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Uncomically Unlucky
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Morgan
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: Atheist
Vocation: Warrior
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: fair

Description: Crowning the top of his rangy height, the springy fluff of his brown hair loans him at least another inch. Built lean and strong with definition to the breadth of his shoulders, placid eyebrows center his high brow above deepset eyes, in hue an oaky brown. High cheekbones make a frame for a cleanly angled face with thin lips.

Personality: In a word, Warrick is fatalistic. It's not that he believes in fate, so much as he believes whatever is going to happen will happen, no matter what. Paired with an unlucky streak longer than most baronies, this has left him remarkably unambitious and practically unquestioning. He doesn't believe everything he's told, he just doesn't see the point in trying to force answers out of people. No matter what happens, he accepts his lot in life and moves along. If something good happens? That's great! He'll smile, accept it, and move along.

Background: Warrick was a lively child. Bright, full of life. Unlike most of the Morgan children (see: older brothers Holden and Aleksei), he took far more readily to their mother's profession than their father's. He fell in love with bread. The feel of dough between his fingers, the smell of it baking to its full delicious potential. The first time he was allowed to bake unattended in their shop was a disaster. Whoever ate his creations fell violently ill. No more baking for Warrick. He lost his passion overnight and never really recovered it, there or elsewhere. His attempts to find work in the years since number in the dozens, with various reasons for dismissal - being blamed for theft, being plain-old forgotten, accidentally looking at the wrong person twice. He manages to get by, at least. Recent events have taken him from Sanctum to Arx.

Name Summary
Agnarr Baker, apparently. Was beat and tired meeting him, so didn't get much, but he doesn't seem the sort to put poison in it.
Aleksei Ah, my baby brother the unlucky. I really don't understand where all his fortune went. Maybe I got it? Shit, sorry.
Aureth Aleksei's younger brother. Not very good at poker, but anybody who brings over a delicious pie to a gathering the first time I meet him is okay in my book.
Clover HE fell on ME. Not vice versa!
Ferrando He's nice, but it almost seems to me like he's in a permanent state of getting ready to defend against impending doom. I think he's a chef, so I guess that makes sense? Things can go very wrong very quickly in a kitchen, I suppose.
Insaya He makes pies, apparently! A very good skill to have. Everyone loves pie.
Petal He came here in threadbarn rags! I gave him a very good deal, because he looks like he was going to be cold. I think he looks good in the new clothing. I am glad that I could help.
Saedrus I think a great deal can be said about someone by the measure of their baking -- this at least, is my first impression of Warrick Morgan. He baked an apple pie for the poker night. It was a delightful gesture, and the pie itself smelt beautiful, everyone enjoyed it but there were a few, adorable flaws. I think he is a very sweet young man -- but he needs a few lessons. Perhaps that can happen in future.
Shard Well, he's...strange. Polite, anyway, and paid me for the most minor of things, so I'm not about to complain. Wonder why he won't go inside a shrine though.