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Aye, I should be ashamed of myself... but I'm not.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Capricious Explorer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Arterius
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Religion: Whatever
Vocation: Captain
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Deep Violet
Skintone: Dark Olive

Description: Evaristo is a roughneck personified. The stubble gracing his angular chin is perpetual and the mop of black hair on top of his head is kept in a state of disarray in spite of any attempts to comb it - though one may suspect he doesn't even try. His almond-shaped violet eyes gleam with mischief beneath a pair of thick brows and his thin lips are usually tugged into a snide smirk. He is not an unattractive man, but one can tell he is liable to grate on the nerves of many, even from a distance. He has a lanky but fit build and a penchance for lazy strolling.

Personality:     Evaristo is the kind of jerk people love or people love to hate - there is no in between. His time away from land and in the company of men who care little for conventional morality or politeness has ingrained him with an innate ability to not care how others view him unless it directly interferes with his wants or lifestyle. On the rare occasion it -does-, he can be surprisingly smart and charming, and somehow make it seem natural.

    Those who aren't fooled usually punch him. Or try to kill him. It's usually dependent on whether or not there are any sharp objects nearby.

Background:     Evaristo hasn't visited his parents since he left home at the age of seventeen, stowing away on a ship after running afoul of his stepfather - something having to do with stealing money, supposedly. When he was found, he managed to ingratiate himself with the captain and convinced the woman to keep him on her crew as a sailor. There he stayed for several years, travelling the world on a cargo ship which sailed the seas of the Saffron Chain.

    In late 1002 AR the ship was attacked by shav pirates intent on seizing the cargo. Evaristo and a handful of the crew managed to escape via life boat and swimming to a nearby island - thankfully the shavs had little interest in pursuing them. There they were stranded for four months, and Evaristo finally began to contemplate his life choices. They were eventually found and rescued by a passing Thraxian vessel and brought to Darkwater Watch. He made his home there for a couple of years, making silver by taking odd jobs and finding a new crew: his own. He accumulated enough money to build his own small ship and made enough "friends" to man it, and he was on the beloved sea once more.

    Trips to Arx have proven to be particularly profitable these days, and he finds the citizens of the Lower Borough to be his kind of people. Perhaps there are opportunities to be found...

Relationship Summary

  • Joscelin - Cousin. Is absolutely totally fine with everything I do and never yells at me. Really.
  • Name Summary
    Adora It will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever happen. I don't like him. Or his stupid coat.
    Auda Never have I seen a hangover quite so bad, and I have seen some amazing cases. Still, he was charming even through the green pallor, and seems like someone I could quickly become friends with.
    Berenice I love a man looking for trouble.
    Bianca Informal, but not disrespectful. I've found that combination to be a rare gem along with the fact the man was neither intimidated by my guard nor my title upon meeting. He also asked questions of me personally out of curiosity rather than miring the conversation in the 'official.' I appreciated the diversion and the regard for my individuality.
    Calandra A sailor. I think. Also a good bit drunk, I think. But charming nonetheless.
    Delilah A man who lives larger than life and may offer promises of exploration that prove towering to fulfill. However, I intend fully to find out whether this is the case.
    Domonico Fond of his drinks it seems, both imbibing them and being generous in buying them for others. I don't think I approve of him. I'll keep an eye on him in the future.
    Draven He got to see me when I was sad. I shouldn't be sad and in public. He seems nice though. Easily distracted by pretty women too.
    Gianna Joscelin's adventurous kin, captain and bard both.
    Gilroy Owns a boat, eh? What could a man do with a friend with a boat?
    Grazia Pretty clever for a sellsword, though I suppose they ought to be. He's got interesting views on the current gossip, from a refreshing perspective.
    Harlex Calls to mind very likable stray dogs I have met in my time.
    Harper I was prepared to like him just 'cause he's Josie's cousin. I adore her after all. Gotta admit, though, I'm not real sure about him yet, especially considering what I see him saying in his whites. But, he cares for Josie, so I reckon that's one really big, huge mark in his favor. We'll see on the rest.
    Ingrid Ahh, trouble. I was brought up in a household where trouble was deeply frowned upon. To meet someone who tosses around trouble like it's a seasoned friend has made me change my perspective on a lot of things. It's also made me loosen the corset, so to speak, so that I can join in when he laughs -- which is often.
    Jeffeth Ah the grandmaster's cousin! He was very nice. Seems like a very good fellow I would be more than amiable getting to know better.
    Joscelin The missing piece of my childhood, he and Ianthe got on like a house on fire, with property damage and lots of screaming. It's good to see his face; while he reminds me of simpler times, he anchors me to the family I still have.
    Lore Perhaps the silliest drunk I have ever met. But he seems like he would do just about anything for a drink, so worth knowing!
    Mikani Bard who isn't a Bard. But likes my name. I'll take it.
    Quenia A very charismatic man who loves to drink his wine. He's also a ship's captain looking for distraction because he's land locked. I'm sure he and Zebulon would get on well.
    Reese He seems to be energetic, welcoming and fun kind of guy. Seems to have spunk and passion, although maybe doesn't know much about duty.
    River I like him already. He's also ruggedly handsome. But You didn't hear it from me.
    Stygia He gave me a button! I swoon.
    Torian Good honest customer, but honest in the way that most people don't really like. Don't bother me none, he's from good blood and lives a real life.
    Valenzo Bit of a rogue, but also a gentleman, and who among us isn't? Really just rocked the house with his lute, I think Kevin likes him!!
    Verity He makes a better second impression than first. Still, I may need to keep my defenestration skills handy if he grows too charming. He could be real trouble this one.