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Arvum Refugee Relief Group
Words: "Inspiration and Hope"
Sigil: An argent beaver on a golden background

The Arvum Refugee Relief Group is a group open to those who wish to provide aid and relief to those displaced by war, famine, and other unfortunate aspects of life in Arvum. The intention of the Group is to temporarily house, offer specialized training, and ultimately stable homes throughout Arvum in cooperation with the respective Houses of willing holdings. In exchange for adequate and stable housing, food, and an opportunity to start anew to build toward a prosperous future those same settled lands in turn gain groups looking to work, grow, and becoming contributing members of society with specialty or even generalized training.

History: Founded following the Siege of Arx in 1006AR the Arvum Refugee Relief Group, the project began with the opening of Southport Square within Arx itself and the first group of refugees traveled by sea to Southport within the Lyceum. After that initial group seeking a brighter, stable future the decision was made to open the scope of the project to the entire settled portions of Arvum. The Group functions with the goal of performing charitable functions, while also making the lives of those temporarily dependent on the charity as comfortable and purpose driven as possible. Until such a time as groups of refugees find new homes to be guided to, they function as everything from laborers to more specially trained professionals within Arx. Creating a dymanic, ever-changing workforce simply awaiting an opportunity for a home to open to themselves so that they may lay down foundations and begin rebuilding their lives in earnest.


Name Rank Title Description
Caelis 2 Envoy
Hadrian 2 Envoy
Arcelia 3 Representative
Tabitha 3 Representative
Bran 4 Agent
Eshken 4 Agent
Artorius 5 Consultant
Kalila 5 Consultant
Oskar 5 Consultant