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PRP: Castle in the Crownlands!

This is a continuation of @cal 3380 - Missing in the Crownlands. Now that the stalwart explorers have been rescued, not without the dangers of death amongst those that went missing, tehre's now a whole castle to explore. Sparte, Kaia, Lisebet, Merek, Caspian, and Miranda, OR - whoever can make it in their stead, are set to return to finish exploring the ruins that were meant to be explored before an exploration party had to be rescued. What will they find? No one knows, exactly.

OOC: This is a continuation of @cal 3380 with the original cast of characters. Substitutes will be taken if a player cannot make it to the event, but that character is also expected to have participated as well and will be able to read the log.


Sept. 28, 2019, 2 p.m.

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Caspian Kaia Lisebet Merek Miranda Sparte



Outside Arx - Bastion - Castle Ruins

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