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Northlands Development Council

Words - "Strengthen the bulwark."
Sigil - A golden wall guarding a dark red mountain, a roaring bear, a tall black tree and a barbaric knight.

Description - The Northlands Development Council is a gathering of noble houses and institutions dedicated to the improvement and growth of the North's infrastructure and economy. A forum where long-term projects are presented, individual representatives make a choice whether to invest or not. The Northlands Development Council is the place to gather and support one-another, for the betterment of the North and the Compact. Created in 1006 AR in the aftermath of the Siege of Arx, the Northlands Development Council was founded to serve as a catalyst to not only aid restoration efforts, but also improvement, in the hopes of creating a stronger North better able to aid the rest of the Compact in the face of such devastation.


Name Rank Title Description
Khanne 1 Administrator ---
Ann 2 Co-Administrator ---
Mydas 3 Representative ---
Darren 3 Representative ---
Asger 3 Representative ---
Morrighan 3 Representative ---
Ysbail 3 Representative ---
Marian 3 Representative ---
Bran 3 Representative ---
Cadern 3 Representative ---
Marcas 3 Representative ---
Percephon 3 Representative ---
Signe 3 Representative ---
Seax 3 Representative ---