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Words: "We guard the words of men and gods."
Sigil: Two rolled up scrolls crossed over one another.
Nicknames: Scholars of Vellichor, Scholars, Robes, Bookworms.

While the Scholars of Vellichor are closely tied to the Faith of the Pantheon as they are all officially disciples of the god of knowledge, and the upper ranks of the scholarship are godsworn, any member of the laity that follows academic pursuits may be closely tied to the scholarship rather than the Faith of the Pantheon as a whole. Full of teachers, scholars, researchers and all manner of academics, the Scholars of Vellichor manage the Great Archive of Vellichor as well as the Vellichorian Academy, and are responsible for much of the teaching in the Compact.


Name Rank Title Description
Driskell(RIP) 2 Ancillary ---
Aurelian(RIP) 4 Senior Scholar Lead Field Scholar
Damon 5 Scholar ---
Nadia(RIP) 5 Scholar ---
Aislin 6 Initiate ---
Ardoin 7 Docent ---
Killian(RIP) 9 Adept ---
Zerric 9 Adept ---
Jacque(RIP) 9 Adept ---
Estaban(RIP) 9 Adept ---
Elara(RIP) 9 Adept ---
Nierzen(RIP) 10 Neophyte ---
Halsim 10 Neophyte ---