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Queen Of Endings

"Death is her name, the beginning and the ending. All our waking lives we walk in a world defined and watched over by the other Pantheon in all our aspects, but when we first wake it is from Death's hands, and when we die, it is to her hands we return."
Sigil: A laughing skull

Death, the Queen of Endings and Mother of Beginnings. Once forgotten as one of the three Lost Gods honored in the Shrine of the Lost, she was returned to the Pantheon in 1006 AR by Dominus Aldwin Aurum. According to the recent Faith doctrine proclaimed and set forth, she is the goddess of souls and reincarnation. While she does not dictate the time and manner of deaths, she is said to be there to retrieve each soul when their cycle is finished. The return of Death to the Pantheon also marked the Faith officially supporting a belief in reincarnation, which was a contrast to a priorly noncommittal stance in regards to the afterlife. It is said that Death chooses favored souls -- generally those of particular heroism, bravery, or cunning -- to return to new lives to begin a new story.

The Nox’alfar, the elven (or “elven”) tribe officially allied with the Compact, notably worship Death above all others and consider themselves her favored children.